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    Updated On: Dec 12, 2019

    Do you know about Certified Electrician?  

    Who: Certified Electrician is the new brand that represents the partnership between IBEW Local 697 and NECA. (Also known as the LMCC within our organization)

    What: Although in essence the brand has existed for over 100 years, the simplified name and logo were recently created in 2013 as an innovative Marketing tool. It’s a tool that can be used to better describe us in just seconds and avoid confusion as to what NECA, IBEW, and LMCC stands for and what trade we represent. While we as an industry understand what these acronyms mean, some contractors, business owners and the general public do not.

    Why: Research is proving that our market share is not what it used to be.  Union electrical work is on the decline, and therefore non-union jobs are on the rise. Both NECA and the IBEW recognized the need to work together in an effort to move the unionized electrical industry forward and gain market share. There is a need to market ourselves within the community to both the public as a household name, as well as targeting general contractors by highlighting our level of safety and expertise. We are proud to be union but are no longer in an era where it needs to be shouted from the rooftop and people punished by embarrassing rats for going against us. We are instead approaching things completely from a business aspect in an effort to gain customers based on performance, professionalism, and respect. This is not only being recognized on a local level but on a National level as well by various IBEW/NECA teams. All across the U.S. Business Development teams are being created to keep our industry fresh and innovative. While change and transition can be scary, it’s necessary in order to stay relevant in an ever evolving industry.   

    How: We have been creating commercials for Comcast and U-verse stations, digital billboards, WJOB radio ads and various other marketing efforts for the past two years. The focus has been on highlight the services, skills, and training Certified Electrician contractors and you the electrician, inhibit. It shows why our contractors and electricians should be preferred over non-union ones. Word is slowly spreading around town about Certified Electrician through these marketing efforts but by far our most important marketing is still done by word of mouth. This is why we want to educate our members and keep everyone in the loop about what is happening within the organization. We want you to be familiar with the Certified Electrician message and realize you are one of the biggest parts of it.

    For more information visit www.CertifiedElectrician.com

    The NECA & IBEW 697 Labor Management Cooperation Committee is a partnership of the Northwestern Indiana Chapter of the National Electrical Contractors Association and the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers Local Union 697. It is a non-profit organization established through the collective bargaining agreement devoted to promoting the Union Electrical Construction Industry through advertising, publicity, continuing education, and a wide range of services to both Union and Management members.

    We are dedicated to helping workers and employers explore creative joint approaches to become more effective, assisting them in solving mutual problems and enhancing the involvement of employees in making decisions that affect their working lives. We believe in expanding and improving working relationships between workers and managers and encouraging free collective bargaining by establishing avenues for them to communicate. The LMCC also studies ways of eliminating potential problems that reduce competitiveness as well as inhibit economic development of the electrical contracting industry in Northwestern Indiana. 

    The +5 Homeowners Electrical Protection Plan is a no-cost service providing peace of mind to homeowners when hiring the services of a +5 electrical contractor. The plan is called “+5” because it extends beyond a builder's one-year warranty for an additional five years. In other words, a home covered by the +5 Plan is actually protected for six years. We take the hassles and uncertainties out of finding the right contractor to wire your new home, or remodel your current home.

    By prescreening contractors and their employees, we are able to ensure that only fully qualified professionals wire your home. This program mutually benefits the homeowner, the contractor, and ultimately the union electrician who gains from the enhanced work flow that +5 generates. +5 is a truly wininning combination all the way around.

    The NECA & IBEW 697 Labor Management Cooperation Committee LMCC has established a special Incentives Program to promote membership participation in continuing education and other activities that are a benefit to you and the electrical industry.

    Participation in various defined activities will generate incentive points which can be redeemed as cash towards purchase of articles of work clothing at two local store locations. Members who earn 15 points during the current year will have their name entered into a special drawing for annual Grand Prize, valued at $1,200. The drawing will be held at the annual Local Union picnic.

    Required apprentice classes and activities are not eligible for Incentive Program points.

    2020 LMCC Incentives Program Eligible Activities
    Dollar amount per point  $        20.00
    Activity Points  Voucher 
    Local Union Picnic Volunteer - apprentice 3  $        60.00
    Local Union Picnic Volunteer - journeyman 1  $        20.00
    Awards Banquet - apprentice participant  2  $        40.00
    Awards Banquet - volunteer 1  $        20.00
    Credit Union Annual Dinner Meeting - apprentice participant 2  $        40.00
    GOTV (Get Out The Vote) Volunteer - 1 point for every 2 hours 1  $        20.00
    Local Union Blood Drive - blood donor 2  $        40.00
    Local Union Blood Drive - volunteer 2  $        40.00
    Union Meeting Attendance - 2 points for every 6 meetings 2  $        40.00
    Local 697 Volunteer Work - 1 point for every 2 hours 1  $        20.00
    Walks / Parade / Walter Station 1  $        20.00
    Widow's Christmas Committee Volunteer 3  $        60.00
    Category 5/6 Data Wiring Class 4  $        80.00
    CDL Class 15  $      300.00
    Code of Excellence Presentation 1  $        20.00
    Code Update Class 15  $      300.00
    CPR/first-aid Class 3  $        60.00
    DC Crane Class 5  $      100.00
    Electrical Inspector Class Workshop - 1 point for every 3 hours 1  $        20.00
    Electrical Inspector - full time for the year 12  $      240.00
    Electrical Inspector - part time for the year 6  $      120.00
    EPRI Part A 10  $      200.00
    EPRI Part B 10  $      200.00
    Fiber Optics Class 5  $      100.00
    Fire Alarm Class 5  $      100.00
    High Voltage Splicing Class - Poly Terminations 10  $      200.00
    High Voltage Splicing Class - Poly to Lead 10  $      200.00
    High Voltage Splicing Class - Lead 10  $      200.00
    ICRA Class (Infection Control Risk Assessment)  2  $        40.00
    Motor Control Class 5  $      100.00
    NFPA 70E Arc Flash Awareness Class 15  $      300.00
    OSHA 10 hour Class 5  $      100.00
    OSHA 30 hour Class 15  $      300.00
    OSHA Signaling & Rigging Class 5  $      100.00
    Photovoltaics Class 5  $      100.00
    Programmable Controller Class 5  $      100.00
    Steward Training 2  $        40.00
    Tech Night 2  $        40.00
    Welding Class 5  $      100.00

    Thanks to the LMCC funding from Locals 697 and 531 we are able to offer Continuing Education Classes for Electrical Inspectors and Building Commissioners in four counties - Lake, Newton, Porter and LaPorte.

    Classes are available in the following subjects:
    - Review of the National Electrical Code
    - Review of NEC changes
    - Twenty most recurring residential code infractions
    - Review of UL White Book

    - Standardized approaches in electrical inspections

    Future classes will be developed to address the needs of Electrical Inspectors in the effort to enforce codes with consistency.

    Continuing education class credit is available for participants who successfully complete the classes.

    This continued commitment to the professional development of Electrical Inspectors and Building Department employees in the four county area is of utmost importance in order to maintain high building code standards and to insure the safety of not only building inhabitants, but that of the electrical workers themselves.

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