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    • What's New at IBEW 697

      In honor or Memorial Day 2021 and the recent Disabled American Veterans Walk that we sponsored, Local 697 is proud to release our new 697 “In Memory of Those Who Served” short sleeve t-shirt for only $15 each.  If you are a Local 697 Retiree or Member in good standing and you are a Veteran, simply bring your military documentation to the Local 697 Business Office and your shirt is FREE as a token of our appreciation for your service.

      Honor our past and invest in our future...

      Place your name or message on a 4” x 8” Brick Paver in the pavilion at the IBEW Local 697 Complex.

      Each Brick Paver is $50.00 and includes 3 lines with 13 characters per line.

      To participate, simply download the attached Brick Paver order form, complete the required information and submit it to the Local 697 Business Office with your $50.00 check.  Order forms are also available at the Local 697 Business Office.

      Deadline to order for the next round of Bricks is THURSDAY, July 1, 2021

      First-Aid / CPR Class now available at the JATC for Local 697 Members.  Sign up on line at  www.697JATC.org and don’t forget to download the 697 JATC app while you are on their website.  That way, you will get push notifications on your phone immediately when classes are available and be able to log-in for all information from your smartphone.

      Local 697 has just received shipment of 2 new Local 697 t-shirts.  Grey without pocket and high-vis orange with pocket.  These American made and Locally Union Printed shirts are $15 each at the Local 697 Business Office.  Hurry in as this round will sell out fast. Click on the “Merchandise” tab under to Members section of the Local 697 website or app to view all of our in stock items.  Don’t forget about the sweatshirts, windbreakers and golf shirts as we transition into spring.

      Download: 2021 Orange short sleeve.png , 2021 Grey short sleeve.png

      The recent Covid-19 global pandemic has flipped our lives inside out.  Stress and depression have become our new normal and most of us don’t even realize it.  Life isn’t always easy, but with Perspectives’ EAP, getting help or support is. Perspectives’ EAP is available 24/7.  Access to a variety of resources is at your fingertips.

      ONLINE: Perspectives Online is a convenient way to access a vast and continually refreshed library of articles, self-guided assessments, searchable databases, skill building courses, links, information and resources in the following areas: Parenting, Aging, Balancing, Thriving, Working, Living, and International. www.perspectivesltd.com

      OVER THE PHONE: Masters and PhD level EAP counselors are available to answer any questions and/or work with you to locate resources to assist you. 1-800-456-6327

      IN-PERSON: Counselors will listen and assess your situation in order to develop a plan of action best suited to your needs. When appropriate, this plan may consist of short-term counseling within the EAP.  Other times, you may receive a referral to a qualified professional and/or resource for further assistance.  To schedule an appointment, call between 8 a.m. and 6 p.m. CST weekdays.

      Don’t wait until it’s too late…

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