Legislative Update for February 27, 2015

This week the first half of the 2015 Indiana General Assembly concluded. All legislation introduced this session had to have cleared either the State Senate or State House of Representatives by Wednesday to advance further in the process. Next week, House bills will begin being worked on in the State Senate and State Senate bills will be considered in the House.
As expected, several anti-worker measures were rammed through this week, including measures to lower wages, roll back collective bargaining rights and silence the voice of employees on the job. The following is a brief re-cap of where some of the bills the Indiana AFL-CIO is following currently stand:

REPEALING THE COMMON CONSTRUCTION WAGE: Following intense lobbying from anti-labor groups, including the Koch brothers backed Americans for Prosperity and the Associated Builders and Contractors along with the strong-arm tactics of Indiana House Speaker Brian Bosma, House Bill 1019 was approved by the full House on Monday 55 to 41. While the vote was closer than many expected several Republican legislators who previously committed to opposing the repeal of Indiana’s common construction wage flipped their votes when it counted to ensure the bill’s passage. To see if your state representative stood with working people and opposed the repeal of the common construction wage, click here. The bill now moves to the State Senate, where Republican leaders have assigned it to the Tax and Fiscal Policy Committee, rather than the Senate Pensions and Labor Committee. This is viewed as an indication of the Republican Senate leaders’ desire to push it through that chamber in a similar fashion as to what happened in the House of Representatives. Please contact your State Senator and urge them to vote NO on repealing Indiana's common construction wage.

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