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created on 11/19/2011 at 18:29:45, last updated on 01/12/2012 at 14:12:12

Welcome to our newly reformatted Website.

Online Dues Payments has been added among other changes.

Most of the content has remained the same, however this new format will allow the staff at local 697 more flexibility when updating the website along with a more streamlined procedure during the backoffice processing of referral bids.  This will aid in getting people contacted earlier in the day for referrals which is especially handy to those applicants who need to travel significant distances. This will also help expedite scheduling of safety training in those facilities that require it.

Please take your time to navigate this site as it is different than the old site.  Also, please be patient while we work out any "bugs" we may find the first few weeks.  We have been testing the site for a couple of weeks and hope that most have been worked out.  We also have a list of items that will be fine tuned in the near future.  Let us know if you experience problems that you can't seem to work out on your own.

For referral applicants, please note that if we have a significant number of various calls at once, there will be mulitple pages to look through and the system that sorts the order of preference for your bids has changed. One major change is that you will receive confirmation of your bid and also note that if you change or alter an exising bid, only your most current bid will be kept.
IMPORTANT!!!!You cannot bid on jobs before 6pm CST!!!!

After you log in, you can review and make online changes to your personal information such as address and phone number. These changes will then be forwarded appropriately just as in the past when a member would make similar changes in person.

Our most siginificant change allows Local 697 members the flexiblity of paying their quarterly dues and death benefits online .  This service has been a goal for some time and we are happy to offer this convenient option.


See available jobs or pay dues Click here


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